Inscapes Dinner No 1


Transformation – how Becoming is shaping us


"This is wonderful and yet so confronting at the same time." – Dinner Guest

On Thursday 30th of November 2018 I invited 18 people to join me for dinner.

The evening was part of an ongoing collaboration with client, friend and fellow creative director Mages Ruiz Diaz. We’ve titled the collaboration Inscapes. Read more about Inscapes here.

Hosted at one of Melbourne’s most celebrated locations, this invitation-only dinner brought together eighteen remarkable guests, to explore the theme of Transformation and the art of Becoming. Designed to spark meaningful and authentic conversation on the topic, the evening told a narrative like no other, unlocking each guests deepest curiosity.

We invited two ‘special’ guests: JoAnna Ferrari and Diana Renner who guided the conversation on the night.

Joanna Ferrari

Telling the bold and inspirational stories of her countless reinventions, JoAnna Ferrari is The Transition Specialist. Following her brave and captivating TEDx talk in 2016, JoAnna continues to inspire others around the world to explore, experiment and express their true being.

Diana Renner

Author and leadership expert Diana Renner, is focused on building the capability of organisations and individuals to successfully navigate uncertainty and complexity in our world. Weaving together a range of disciplines, Diana helps leaders across the globe move, uncomfortably, towards the unknown to meet possibility and truly thrive.

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Photos: Henry Trumble