Letter from Emma 03/02



About the pursuit of calm.

Most of us wish we could be more 'calm.' But why? What is it about modern life that drives us to pursue a life of tranquility? Is optimism, aspiration and our desire to 'better' ourselves causing us more pain than it's worth? I'm on a mission to understand what drives my obsession for 'calm' and the The School of Life's 'The Book of Life' is a great source of insight. Start with 'The Pursuit of Calm'.


About the female perspective. 

It's definitely the topic of the day and for good reason. On March 10, the All About Women Festival is on at the Sydney Opera House. This year (it's 7th!) the festival brings us the latest thinking on gender, #MeToo, rape culture, female anger, and the global reach and breadth of feminist thinking. I can't go this year, so will someone please report back for me? ;-)


At Isamu Noguchi’s book Isamu Noguchi, A Sculptor's World.

Noguchi was an artist who received design commissions including theatre sets, public sculpture as well as children's playgrounds. If you are heading to Japan, pay a visit to the Noguchi Museum.


Sensory Experiments

Back in December, I received confirmation for a project proposal as part of NGV Melbourne Design Week. It's been a big couple of months on boarding our incredible partners, developing concepts for the event and setting the creative direction. We launch our campaign tomorrow. Check out Sensory Experiments and get your self a ticket. *You might want to get in early as there's limited tickets available and we have a feeling it will sell out when it goes live on NGV's website this week. 


Your business and brand.

If you’re a business owner with a few years under your belt, you might be starting to feel that your brand no longer reflects who you are in business. You are not quite sure that your customers understand your unique story and you might be starting to miss growth opportunities as a result. 

This is where I can help you.

Email me here and I'll send you some more info – easy. 

Talk soon, 
x Emma J Davis