Koko Black

Easter adventures for chocolate explorers


Campaign Notes

Any explorer will tell you that it’s the journey, not just the destination, which matters most. The Koko Black Easter Collection 2016 was an expedition, an exploration of the magic and mystery to be discovered when devouring and sharing Koko Black chocolate.

Keepsake Box Artwork

The limited edition Signature Keepsake chocolate box was designed by Melbourne based artist Viv Miller. Miller’s work explores pattern, line and colour using a combination of representational and abstract approaches. Influenced by a wide range of Western and Asian art traditions, she creates imagery that is both detailed and spacious. Miller draws inspiration from the natural world, computer graphics and cel animation, which can be seen in her intricate use of line and pattern.


Team Credits
Creative Direction: Emma J Davis
Cover Artwork: Viv Miller
Art Direction & Design: In House
Copy: Marion Piper
Photography: Reuben Gates
Date: Easter 2016