A new experience of luxury and indulgence in chocolate for Australia.


The Need

Godiva is a global company founded in Brussels in 1926. The business engaged me to help launch the brand in Australia, with their first flagship store set to be opened in Melbourne’s CBD. For this project, Godiva required assistance with Brand Identity and Story for the Australian market. 

The Work

Working with the leadership team, I implemented a strategy for this project that leveraged the company’s origin story by weaving brand mythology with a relevant contemporary Australian identity. 

We did

Visual Identity AU, Brand Story, Launch Strategy, Design, Campaign, Signage and Film.

The Outcome

The key to the success of this project was to interpret the global brand of Godiva and curate a narrative specific to the Australian market. As chief brand guardian, my established connections within the design and marketing industry were crucial to bringing this brand to life in Australia.

“Emma and her team bring a stand out voice and vision to our business. This certainty and emotional intelligence in action is a strong force for premium brands.” – Shane Hills, Godiva

G by Godiva - Toasted Coconut 68% Dark Chocolate Tablet_group.jpg

Generosity, passion, boldness and a pioneering spirit — that's Godiva.


Team Credits
Creative Direction & Visual Merchandising: Emma J Davis
Visual Communication and Design: Matthew Tambellini
Photography: Henry Trumble