A Collaboration

Inscapes Projects is a collaborative venture forged between myself and artistic director Mages Ruiz Diaz.

Independently, our businesses instil brands with imaginative wonder, realised in distinct but compatible ways. Mages’ powerful activations, sensational strategies and immersive events cross the boundary between art and life, creating extraordinary moments of shared collective consciousness. My keen sense of observation and ability to materialise intangibles allows me to weave together art and research to realise intelligent commercial outcomes.

Together, we explore the essence of humanity and the often intangible themes that shape our future, through thoughtful, design-led enquiries. Inscapes proposes new-form experiences that create space for courageous, heartfelt conversations, engagements and sensations. Ultimately, these bespoke settings set out to bring insight, action and cultural shift.


  1. Transformation: how Becoming is shaping us

    Hosted at one of Melbourne’s most celebrated locations, this invitation-only dinner brought together eighteen remarkable guests, to explore the theme of Transformation and the art of Becoming. Designed to spark meaningful and authentic conversation on the topic, the evening told a narrative like no other, unlocking each guests deepest curiosity. Read more.

  2. Sensory Experiments

    A fully immersive experience, participants created the Manifesto for Sensory Intelligence – a record of sensorial responses to stimuli-saturated Sense-Scapes.

    A more human-felt future is a more sensorial one, designed for & with our senses.
    Part of NGV Melbourne Design Week 2019. View the manifesto.