Mages Ruiz Diaz

Dip your toe in uncharted waters.

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The Need

A passionate Artistic Director based in Melbourne, Mages Ruiz Diaz has more than 10 years of experience bringing brands and ideas to life through highly engaging events.

Mages needed to clarify and define her vision and design a new visual identity for the next phase of her career.

The Work

Once the vision and strategy was articulated, I created and led a team – including a copywriter, art director and photographer – to create a visual identity that is bold and expressive, just like Mages and her events.

We did

Clarity Workshops, Brand Blueprint, Vision & Values, Copywriting, Visual Identity, Website, Pitch Document, Stationery

The Outcome

One key outcome for this project was the provision of vision and brand clarity to Mages. As Creative Director, my ability to deeply connect with Mages’ vision and then brief the right team, is what ensured a successful and incredibly powerful result.

“Words can’t express the scale and impact you’ve made. Thank you Emma, for your magic.” – Mages Ruiz Diaz.

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Don’t be frightened – the water is warm and there’s a whole new world waiting for you below the surface.


Team Credits
Creative Direction and Set Styling: Emma J Davis
Art Direction, Graphic Design and Set Direction: Matthew Tambellini
Photography: Dan Hocking