I was eight years old when I first discovered that we can articulate the universe through visual imagery. I’d just drawn my first red and yellow, five-eyed monster and he was … magnificent. 

When I was eleven, our art teacher asked the class to draw a still life of a vase with pink roses. I observed it, painted it, and in that drawing, I saw the world come alive.  

Years later at university, I learnt that through art and design we can materialise the intangible, make the imaginary actual, and the abstract definitive, no matter the subject. 

In business, that keen observation has translated into my strong ability to get to the heart of a brand; forming a synchronistic approach that weaves art and research with commercial nous. 

What consistently inspires me is the opportunity to not only awaken people’s senses but to transform the way they see themselves, their surroundings and their purpose.